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“We are mad to be filming the wind; filming the impossible is what’s best in life.” The dream of making the wind graspable has stirred artists since time immemorial. Joris Ivens was not the only one fully aware of this futile endeavor. Martin Putz likewise searches the world for people and places of the wind, while mindful of the fact that only things standing in the way of the wind can provide an inkling of its workings. Without the friction and the motion the wind effects, it remains invisible.

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Title: Wind

Length: 30 min

Country of Origin: Austria

Completion Year: 2021

Director: Martin Putz

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Martin Putz. Born 1967. Since 1997 cinematographer, experimental film, visual art, since 2008 mainly documentary film.

Filmography (as director)

Wind, 2021, Dokumentarfilm, 30 min

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