When the Mountain Rumbles

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Three ageing brothers must face an uncertain future and the inevitable end to years of self-imposed isolation as the abandoned village of Escó in Spain, where they have lived all their lives, faces its second threat of extinction.

Brothers Evaristo, Félix and Baltasar Guallar are the only inhabitants of Escó, a crumbling village in Aragón, Spain. They have lived there alone all their adult lives. Now their insular world is under threat. In 1959, Escó was expropriated under Franco’s regime: the Guallar family were the only inhabitants to remain. Today, the construction of a motorway to the Pyrenees threatens Escó’s existence once again. What will be the final fate of the brothers and the curious place they call home?

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Title: When the Mountain Rumbles

Length: 28 min

Country of Origin: Spain

Completion Year: 2022

Director: Alba Bresolí Aliberch

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About the director

Alba Bresolí is an emerging documentary filmmaker from Vic, Barcelona. In 2019 she graduated in Communication and Filmmaking from Pompeu Fabra University. She spent two semesters at Bauhaus University (Weimar, Germany) where she received several scholarships to make two short documentaries: DOMUS and CUENCAS, filmed in 8mm. Her documentary short film DOMUS has been screened at various international festivals.

In 2019, Alba obtained a scholarship to study a Master in Creative Documentary at Pompeu Fabra University. Her first professional collaboration is with Polar Star Films, on the short documentary WHEN THE MOUNTAIN RUMBLES.

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