27 Steps

Film synopsis

On the first day of the Corona lockdown, the director‘s father is picked up by an ambulance. He dies shortly thereafter. Mother and daughter mourn in the parental apartment, isolated on 49 square meters — and connected to the outside world only by telephone. With painful intimacy, these phone calls exemplify the loneliness of the mourners in pandemic times. Photographic images of the desolate apartment are marked by an intense geometric strictness, which, in spite of the confinement, also creates a certain distance to the inevitable. 

“27 STEPS“ thus leaves room for interpretation and deals with a universal question: How does isolation affect us when we are dependent on solace and help? This is a very personal film which puts a magnifying glass on the circumstances that we are all experiencing right now.

Info box

Title: 27 Steps

Length: 21 min

Country of Origin: Germany

Completion Year: 2021

Director: Andrea Schramm

Film stills

About the director

Andrea Schramm works as a director and producer for Cinema and Television in Berlin, for example the European cultural channels ARTE and 3sat. After having studied journalism in Leipzig and directing in Potsdam – Babelsberg, she founded SCHRAMM MATTHES FILM together with Jana Matthes. They portray complex political and social developments in radically personal stories. 

Many of their films have been screened on international festivals and won prizes, such as the ‘DEUTSCHER FERNSEHPREIS’ (‘German Television Award’) and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL AWARD. The theatrical release of their last documentary “TACHELES – The Heart of the Matter” is planned for 2021. It is nominated for a CLIO film award as best German documentary dealing with a historical topic.

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