Ivan Jakovljević - festival director & organizer

Open Spaces Team

Aron Sekelj - artistic director & organizer

Andrija Jovanović - program curator & organizer

Stanislav Staša Tomić - music program coordinator & organizer


Ivan is a local hero, self-taught artist and enthusiast who loves challenges. Born 1984 in village of Mutanj on the slopes of Mount Rudnik, the future gatekeeper of the local lead and zinc mine has never gave up on his artistic passion nor abandoned his childhood dreams. With creation of the iconic sign of Hollywood on the hillside of his village, Ivan has sent his message to the world. His endless energy and charisma finally attracted film authors who shared his vision. The idea of a film festival was born, nested in the heart of nature, focused on the new, brave and innovative, everything that would challenge the limits and venture into the unknown.

Born 1988 in Belgrade. From 2008 to 2012 studied film directing at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, with one collaborative feature-length and numerous short fiction, documentary and experimental films completed over the course of these four years. In 2012 he moved to Hamburg, Germany, in order to pursue a MFA degree  in Film at the University of Fine Arts, graduating in 2016 in the class of Robert Bramkamp with the experimental documentary project “Landscapes of War, Landscapes of Peace”. From 2019 a jury member of Beldocs IDF and member of the executive board of DOC SERBIA. 

Born 1982 in Belgrade. With background in painting and sculpting, he studied German language and literature at the University of Belgrade. After three year experience as a professor, he went to follow his dreams and study film directing at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, graduating with MFA degree in 2018. Since 2016 he is working for several film festivals in Germany and Sweden as organizer and film selector , on film and TV sets and on his own projects.

Staša Tomić is one of the most sought after music video directors in the Balkans. His music videos continue to win awards, most notably the prestigious award for the best direction at the MTS Vision festival and awards for directing, camera and editing at the Split Spot Festival. Staša holds a degree in philosophy and creative writing and has studied documentary filmmaking at the Atelier Varan Paris. He has also played jazz professionally and worked as a writer in advertising, but for the past 15 years he has devoted himself to his only true love – the cinema. Since then Staša has directed short films, documentaries, music videos in Serbia, Poland, Germany, Sweden and India; he has worked as a screenwriter and a director on various TV stations.

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