Film synopsis

Abiding is a short experimental motion picture made of thousands of frames extracted from a single 35mm strip-photograph. Taken from a train window between Dordrecht and Rotterdam, the artist has pulled the film manually in a shutterless camera. Abiding is a poetical exploration of the coexistence of the animate with the inanimate. The piece works on two levels as a visual evocation of a body moving through space and time as well as a reflection on the medium of cinema and photography.

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Title: Abiding

Length: 5 min

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Completion Year: 2019

Director: Ugo Petronin

Film stills

About the director

Ugo Petronin (b.1985, FR) is a filmmaker and visual artist with a practice combining cinematographic, photographic and ethnographic methods. The core of his artistic research is built on exploring the relation between water, image and cinema. Most of his works engage the sensorial, imaginal, conceptual and metaphorical dynamics that emerge from the interplay of those three elements.

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